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we offer parts & service for all Hybrid vehicles 

1-Much cheaper than Non hybrid competitor.    2. Fuel savings   3. Less maintenance & Less trips to the mechanic & gas station (800+KM on a tank of gas.....) 4. Less wear on brakes due to regenerative charging.  5. Less overall wear on the engine and engine oil because of the hybrid component   5. Batteries are known to last 200-300k miles without a replacement (even then they are becoming cheaper to replace or "repair").  6. High resale value. (It's a Toyota & Nissan.....they have been producing hybrids for over 15 years)  7. Overall less maintenance & spacious. 
8. Plenty extra features

Please see this videos to understand Hybrid technology is the best. 

Roll on Roll off
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Japan Office


TEL# 0438-41-1931   FAX: 0438-41-1932

Trinidad & Tobago Offices

Marabella branch 

   Battoo Lands , Marabella , Trinidad & Tobago
Contact : 333-5678  / 354-4567 

Reform Gasparillo branch 
84-86 Guaracara Tabaquite Road, Reform ( Gasparillo )
Behind Central Precision & Jia Jia Supermarket .
(Highway bypass Junction)
 1-868-395-5678  /  333-5678 / 289-7082

Bamboo branch 

12  Jaffar Street , Bamboo Settlement  # 2
Valsayn , Trinidad 
Trinidad & Tobago
1868-360-0786 /  333-5678